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Brian Wright PhD. Candidate

“The Empowerment Scientist”

Brian Wright is a scientist of health and human achievement. Many people call him “The Empowerment Scientist”. As a medicinal chemist (pharmacognosist) and empowerment scientist, Brian performs research both in the lab and in life. He is continuously in search of scientifically valid ways for all people to experience great health and achieve the great life that they deserve. His ability to transform lives has been featured in several news outlets such as NBC news and the Chicago Sun- Times.

Science has clearly shown that there is a connection between diet and health, and that nutritional and medicinal chemical compounds from nature are extremely effective, if not most effective, at preventing and eliminating disease. Science has also shown that there is a connection between the mind, the emotions, and every aspect of our lives such as our health, happiness, prosperity, and quality of life.

Brian wants to share the science of empowerment with everyone so that they can experience the self-empowerment, health empowerment, and wealth empowerment necessary to live “The Empowered Life”.

Years ago, a profound paradigm shift happened within Brian when as an undergraduate chemistry student he experienced a very aggressive infection, which rapidly spread inside and outside of Brian’s body. He sought care from medical doctors, however the treatments were unsuccessful and expensive. Brian came across information about a South American tree called Pau d’ Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa) that was known to heal such an infection. Brian swallowed pieces of the inner bark of this tree every day and within 2 weeks the infection was gone! This amazed him. As a chemistry student, he had been taught about many advancements that had been made in medical and pharmaceutical science, yet when faced with an aggressive infection, synthetic pharmaceutical science was unsuccessful for him, while natural chemistry succeeded in eliminating the infection. After receiving a bachelors degree in chemistry from Northern Illinois University, Brian decided to study the medicinal chemistry of natural compounds in order to discover more about nature’s medicines and help people just as he had been helped. Today, Brian is a scientist and PhD. candidate who researches both natural medicine and natural nutrition to empower people’s health. In fact, he will be the first American born African American male to receive a PhD. in pharmacognosy.

Brian also has great personal and scientific insight in what it takes to have a high level of achievement, because he has had to overcome many challenges in life, as well as the difficulties of growing up on Chicago’s South Side. Despite these hurdles, Brian has become a successful scientist with the career of his dreams helping others to have health and success.

Several years ago, Brian performed research at the molecular and quantum level, using mass spectrometry and quantum mathematical models to calculate bond strengths. Studying quantum mechanics changed Brian’s life as he realized that the universe was greater and much more mysterious than he had ever imagined. He realized that the power in the quantum, atomic, and molecular world is analogous to the quantum personal power alive in everyone. Many noted authors, scientists, and medical doctors have made the same observation. Among them are David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, David Alan Wolfe, Max Planck, and Deepak Chopra.

The field of personal development, also known as self empowerment, builds upon this wisdom. Authors such Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightengale, James Allen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, and Anthony Robbins, affirm what was known in many ancient civilizations including African and Asian civilizations. They note that there is a science of personal power that allows anyone to live the life that they love. The realization of this power has caused tremendous changes in Brian’s life and has allowed him to overcome enormous challenges. This science of empowerment is indeed the next big breakthrough in science.
Brian Wright is a scientist who is extremely passionate about the science of self empowerment, health empowerment, and wealth empowerment. He affirms that we all have the ability to live extraordinary and abundant lives doing and living our life’s passion and purpose without being limited by lack of health or resources needed to support our dreams.

Live The Empowered Life!

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